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I left Texas in 1984. I was searching for the dream that I had carried with me since the age of 16. My dream was to find a secluded place in the mountains, a place that had four seasons, tall pine trees, and mountains. I searched maps, magazines, and books. I finally found the place I was looking for.

Apples everywhere

Everyone thought I was crazy to leave my home, my family and friends behind. I read everything I could on homesteading, gardening, and self sufficiency.

June 30, 1984, the day I left Texas with my 17 y.o. son and my 13 y.o. daughter. We had all our possessions packed in the back of our pickup, and had our cats in a crate. We arrived in Omak, WA on the 23rd of July. The trip itself was enough to create another web page. I may do that someday.




I've done a lot and seen a lot in the last 24 years. I longed to go back home at times, but did not do that until 1997, working as a travel nurse. I spent a year there, six months in Midland, TX and six months in Houston, TX. I made some good friends there, and have not regretted going back.


I went back to school and became a registered nurse in 1989. I have worked for the same small hospital in Brewster since that time, except for the times that I have signed on as a travel nurse. I came back to Washington State in 1999, sixty miles from home. I worked at Central Washington Hospital in Wenatchee as a traveler.

I worked at CWH for nine months as a traveler and then another year as a full time employee. I came back home in 2006. I now work in Grand Coulee, WA.


I've gone back to my roots, searched for my roots, and dug my roots.

I learned to make web pages with Joe Burns and his HTML Goodies.


Prof. Burns


I've met and made new friends with ICQ


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This page is an update of an accidentally erased home page. I will be continuing as time permits....
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