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***** Joy's of Living *****

My daughter gives me a reason to keep working.....She gave me my grandson, Tyler on May 2, 1994.

I could tell you that Tyler is the smartest, cutest, best grandson ever..... But I am sure every grandmother in the country is saying the same thing. Only thing..... Mine is true!!!

* * * My Daughter * * *
she's my flower

After her father died when she was five, she did an exceptional job of raising me. We have gone thru some bumpy times in life. I thought we would never survive her teenage years.

She had a hard time moving away from all her cousins and friends in 1984. She was only 13 at the time, and it was the end of the world to her. Then she met her future husband and the sun came up again.

She and Tom were married in 1991. He makes handcrafted log furniture and she works at the local hospital. They are very busy with their life and their son.

She has turned into an exceptional daughter, wife, and mother. Kind, patient (with her mother and her son), hardworking, and is a wonderful cook. I must've done something right!

First raspberries of the season

Tyler is your typical all american, getting into any and everything, inquisitive, imaginative. He is the second brightest light of my life. His mother is the bright center of my universe.


He lives in the country on 80 acres of hills and trees. He thinks it is normal for deer, bear, wild turkey, and coyotes showing up in his "back yard". He is the first in the garden in the spring when the peas and broccoli start showing up. It is usually a race to get to the first peas before he spots them.

He has three dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, and a goose to play with. He sometimes goes downtown to a day care center, when Dad needs time alone to add finishing touches to a piece of furniture. But most of the time, he can be found on the heels of his father, talking a mile a minute.

Kicked back and kewl....

Checked out times.

Write me.


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Edited May 10, 1999