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She changes everything she touches,
Everything she touches changes.

I am Godess and thou art Godess.
Within me and without me is She,
eternal yet ever-becoming,
and in all Womanhood we see Her Face

---Vivianne Crowley

---Phoenix from the Flame




Once we've learned the basics of Wiccan beliefs and practices,
living our religion is, logically, the next step.
How we allow it to affect our lives is completely up to us.

---Scott Cunningham-1956-1993

---Living Wicca


Flower line


Flower line

I Must Confess..........


I did not stop one day and say, I am Wiccan. It has been a process over the years, slowly seeping into my mindset and thinking. People still ask what brought me to Wicca, why do I believe as I do? That's kind of like asking why do I wake in the morning, why do I scratch a certain itch.

I have no answers for my leanings.....just that I am.

Wicca to me is the sun coming up each day, the return of robins in the spring, the spirit of my grandchild at play. Wicca is my breath, my thirst quencher, Wicca to me is LIFE!

I could wax poetically about how it has made me smarter, prettier, richer.....but it didn't and I won't.

It has brought an inner peace to me. It has made me question the nature of modern "morality" and "mortality". I believe there is more to life than worrying about taxes, bills, the next meal. (Though these are worrisome things.) It has made me not be afraid to experiment, look beyond the next bend, think about what I will do in this lifetime to affect my next lifetime.

I do not go and broadcast to the world "I AM WICCAN"--the world is not ready for such announcements! Mine is a private belief, not to be shared with others. Too many people still associate Wicca with Satan, a Christian nemesis. Satan was made by Christians, to keep other Christians "in line".

I do not "cast" evil spells on people, anymore than someone tells another person, "Go to Hell". They don't think that person will literally "go to hell" when they "cast" their spell. I do not dance naked by moonlight, ride a broom, or use my cat Ari as my familiar.

(Although, he is kinda spooky because he seems to know what I think...................)


  He is my companion, my confidante, he talks to me, comes to his name, and is all-around spoiled.





I am not a member of a coven, I practice Solitary.

I dig my garden each year, in anticipation of new veggies. I go to work each day, in anticipation of a paycheck. I smile each day, in anticipation of a new friend. I worry about taxes, bills, the latest sit-com rated "GP", the cartoons on Saturday morning--teaching my grandson words like "kill, I hate you, and put off till tomorrow what should be done today".

I believe in the golden rule which translates from the Wiccan standard:


Do Unto Others as You Would Have Them Do To You

Flower line

Do As Thy Wilt, An It Harm None

Moon pentacle

I believe in the "Rules of Three"
Cast your spell with the understanding that it will come back to you threefold.


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"If you choose to be afraid, then be very afraid!"
~Savage Philosophy

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This is a great site to meet other Wiccans in your area. Join their networking group and be heard.

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