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Links I Like

Blue Mountain Electronic Greeting Cards: A lot of ecological, romantic, or poetic cards
Backwoods Home Magazine Homepage: Self-sufficiency, organic gardening, down to earth.
Cats, Cats & More Cats: Catalog of any and everything for your cat!
Earth Religions: All you need to know about the Old Religion
Tripod Homepage: Where I got this page built.
Contests Homepage: Place to find contests on the Web.
The Electronic Activist: Find out your congressman's e-mail address and write!
National Geographic On Line: Need I say more?
Okanogan County Historical Society: Okanogan County history. Where was the only stop light in the county?
Virtual Places Chat Room: Download and chat!
Grandmother-Spider: More on Old Religions
Tom's Log Creations: Looking for quality handbuild log furniture?
Submit It!: Promote your Web site on the Internet
ICQ: Keep in touch with your friends on line

Personal   (boring)   Stuff

So, you stayed with me. Great!


I am a Registered Nurse. I guaduated from nursing school at the age of 40, the same year my youngest graduated from high school. I have mainly worked for the small, rural hospital in my hometown, Brewster.

I get the "travel bug" every couple of years, and sign up to do travel nursing around the U.S. I have worked in major trauma centers to small hospitals with only eleven beds. I learn a lot with the experience.My son-in-law tells me I have gypsy blood, a wanderlust-- to be able to pick up and travel to places unknown.

I have started to travel again, with my first assignment in January of 1998. Soon, I will have a link to the different places I have visited and the people I meet.

I have two children, my son lives in Texas; and my daughter who lives with her husband, and my beautiful grandson. They also live in the evergreen state of Washington, taking care of my property as I travel around the U.S.


flower line

I have eighty acres of land in the foothills of the Cascades. I love to garden organically, grow herbs and flowers. I tried my hand at raising sheep for a while, but like raising flowers much more. The sheep had a tendency to enjoy my flowers too, as a meal!

I am 50 years old, and I feel I am living "The Good Life".


Do as thou wilt, an it harm none


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