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My Home Town -- Brewster

In 1896 a steamboat company bought a landing site at the confluence of the Okanogan and Columbia rivers from John Bruster; the resulting town bears his name in spirit, if not spelling. The Colville Indian Reservation is just east of Town.
For further information contact the Brewster-Chamber of Commerce, P.O. Box 1087, Brewster, WA 98812; phone (509) 689-3464.
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The above information does not do justice to my hometown. Brewster is a beautiful small town in north central Washington State. It lies 150 miles north of Spokane, and 200 miles north east of Seattle.

It lies on the bend of the mighty Columbia River. The river is the life blood of the community, for Brewster is an "orchard town". Major orchards in the area use the Columbia River as their main source of irrigation.

During the height of apple harvest, many people come from all over the Americas to pick the apples. Many have grown to love this wild, open country, as I have, and have stayed.

Apples are not the only source of income for Brewster. Wheat, alfalfa, peaches, cherries, nectarines, and tourism are all major contributors to the economy of Brewster.

Brewster lies east of the Cascade Mountain range. It only receives 12-15 inches of precipitation a year, with much of that in snowfall. People are always surprised at the dryness of the area. We are called High Desert country.

The terrain is rugged, the hills covered with Ponderosa pine and fir trees. Sagebrush and rock outcroppings are everywhere. Climb any hill side and see apple orchards for miles.

The people here are friendly, community-minded. Many people pitch in to keep the town looking pretty. IF you like the slow, easy life of rural America, come to Brewster.

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