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Rural N ursing--My Specialty

  • What is Rural Nursing?
    Rural Nursing is a term to describe small hospital or small town nursing. Nurses today are going into specialized fields, much as doctors do. With rural nursing, the nurse does not specialize. She or he works much as a general practitioner does. She is flexible enough to work in many departments. And she is skilled in many more things, more so than a specialist.

    Many Skills
    Rural Nurses may work in the Emergency Room one day and work the Medical Floor the next. Or she may work different departments at any time during the shift. A rural nurse can talk with a orthopedic surgeon as well as a pediatrician, and perform the duties assigned to the specialized patient. Rural nurses are able to read EKG monitors, start IV's, and remove sutures.

    Rural nurses are able to tend to patients from the new born to the oldest person in the community.

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    Updated 8/23/97