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Survival Links

Rick's Earth Changes: Rick is a ham operator, founder of my email group, and knows a lot of survival techniques. Excellent site.
Stan Deyo's Ark Homepage: Stan and Holly have many good sites for preparation. They are like the guru's of the Ark list....
The Ark: Stan and Holly's alternate site
Earth Changes TV: Mitch Battros has a weekly TV show that airs on cable network. His internet site has good links and ideas.
Survival Magazine: Lots of survival tips
A Woman's Survival Guide: Hosted by Mrs. Doubleought and Mrs. Buckshot
Survivalism On Line Library: A Place to Start
Y2K Survival Documents: Learning Tools

Welcome and Prepare

I started thinking about survival over 30 years ago. My husband and I had planned to move to the Northwest Territories and live a solitary life with our children, living off the land and surviving in the rugged atmosphere of the icy Artic. An accident in 1976 changed my plans.

In the early 1980's I was working at Motorola in Austin, TX. I was not very satisfied with the way things were going for me and my children. I started buying "back-to-the-land" books, as they were called in those days. I rented a house with an acre of land, bought some chickens and ducks. I started experimenting with gardening, reading about a new method called the French Intensive Garden. Practicing the principles presented in the books that I read.

I started collecting tools, tools that would use no electricity. I discovered Mother Earth News Magazine and Cumberland General Store. I scoured the pages on real estate. I knew what I wanted, but not where it would be located. I wanted a remote, sparsely populated area with four seasons and mountains. That wasn't in Texas, haha.

I would have liked to move to Canada, but emigration was closed to the average person, so I honed my search on the states bordering Canada. I eventually settled on an area in Washington State called the Okanogan Highlands. Must have been my Scottish roots pulling there.

In April of 1984, I gave notice to my boss, called a realtor in Okanogan, WA, and set up for general delivery of mail. I left Texas on June 30, 1984 with the back of my truck and a U-Haul packed to the roof. A few little mishaps on the way, but we finally arrived in Okanogan on the 22nd of July. Yes, three weeks later.... as I said, a "few little" mishaps. I won't go into those here, this is not about the trip to WA State.

A Complete Water Purification. . .a straw

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Nora aka aila
currently residing in Houston, TX