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After my last travel experience, I never thought I would be doing it again. I went back home in April of 1995, back to my old job at Brewster Hospital....

Things had not changed. It was as if I had never left. Some new faces added, but all in all, a comfortable place to work.

My son-in-law says I have a wanderlust born into me. I don't know. I've always considered myself as a "homebody". I don't like to uproot, move, start all over. So why have I done it so many times in my life? Haha, who knows!!

I decided to start traveling again in October of 97. I read all the advertizements for travel agencies listed in the nursing magazines. I went on line to find out more about travel nursing. I was concerned that my age would play into the factoring of assignments. I turned 49 on the 8th of January, 1998.

I read exerpts from other travelers, telling me all the goods and evils of traveling. One caught my eye from a 58 year old nurse. She had been in acute care for 20 or so years. She was ready for a new challege in life. She became a traveler at the age of 48. She said she has breathed new life into her career. I guess she was the incentive, the push that I needed.

So here I am, 1400 miles from home. I left Washington State on December 27th. It was cold, we had snow the night before....

DAY 1; My daughter, son-in-law and I got up early, packed my truck down, and I was ready to leave at nine o'clock. I got a swift hug from my son-in-law, a long hug, tearful kiss from my daughter, and my grandson climbed into my truck with the comment; "I'm going with Grandma, Dad can get another boy". The hardest part of the trip was leaving home.

Crossed the Cascade passes, watching people whiz by me, over the snow and ice covered roads. I was in no hurry. I did not have to be in Hemet until the 30th, it was now the 27th of December. My only concern was to get across the passes before the major snow storm hit that was predicted by the weather men.

I made good time. Arrived in Portland, OR about 4 P.M. Now I am a person who likes to plan trips down to the last detail, so I had motel reservations made in three cities I had planned on stopping overnight.